we are the pioneer in targeted and interactive media

· as the pioneer targeted and interactive media provider, our end-to-end solutions ensure the most effective and appropriate reach for our clientele, ensuring response and engagement optimization. The company has a talented pool of management, with rich, multi-industry expertise in traditional and digital media, as well as real-time performance data analytics.
· In today’s digital revolution, we strongly value the importance of information and ensure that it is made available to all customers anytime, any place.
· With ARSYS MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES PHILIPPINES, Inc. (AMPI), we guarantee the right target for the right market.


ARSYS MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES PHILIPPINES, Inc. (AMPI) was founded in 2017 and has pioneered the concept of creating a targeted and interactive media network through the use of TRADITIONAL + DIGITAL + ANALYTICS in media. This is what we call Synergy in Motion. We develop, customize and execute media-related services through various ad permutations, tailor-fitted to our client lifestyle and needs.


Building Advertising a targeted approach utilizing top-of-the-line, flat-panel LCD displays located in high foot traffic locations within the prime districts of Manila, Makati, Bonifacio Global City, Muntinlupa, Aseana City, and much more.

Strategic Content Marketing – we go beyond mere distribution of online content and making these accessible to users; our strategic marketing approach begins with creating well-thought, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience that will ultimately drive profitable customer action

Brand Globalization Consultancy – in today’s ever-changing world, data and analytics play an important role in business; therefore, our research, consultancy and insights on the ASEAN and global market help optimize quality metrics and guarantee efficient execution of the right target media for the right market


we are strongly committed to:
· Provide excellent service, quality and on-time delivery to our clientele;
· Establish and maintain good track record in the industry and the communities we serve;
· Foster good relationships based on trust, professionalism and integrity with our business partners and investors;
· Create a healthy and positive work environment that promotes professional growth and development for our team;